Jacqueline van den Bosch


Project Update 14.04.2020 

Current activities/Accomplishments:

My project focuses on eye pressure measurements in a group of glaucoma patients who have a novel pressure sensor implant. One of the possibilities of this device is allowing patients to perform their own eye pressure measurements. I contributed to a publication by looking at how often patients used the device to self-measure eye pressure over one year. I am currently investigating whether the modifications that occurred in glaucoma medication were also visible in these self-measurements.

I also work in tight collaboration with the Otto-von-Guericke University (Magdeburg) to study the eye pressure even more closely in these glaucoma patients. We performed automated measurements to study eye pressure changes during day and night. We also used constant recordings to study manoeuvres that are known to elicit rapid changes in eye pressure. I have mainly focused on the effect of eye movements as a manoeuvre on eye pressure and plan to submit a manuscript on this topic soon.

Future plans:

I have a background in medicine and have become passionate about Ophthalmology. There is already a lot of expertise to diagnose and treat eye diseases like glaucoma, and numerous exciting innovations in the pipeline, as you can read on this website! I want to continue with a residency in Ophthalmology after my PhD and experience how these innovations are being applied into practice.

My EGRET+ Experience:

This PhD-program gave me insight in the current understanding of glaucoma and relevant theories that are being investigated. Networking internationally with different disciplines is important to address challenging research questions. In line, I received the necessary input to shape my project during meetings as an important part of the EGRET+ program. I am grateful to have met inspiring researchers and skilled colleagues to share similar interests with and to learn from. Overall, I found the program supportive in times where I faced difficulties in my project, and enriching while the project was going well.