Khaldoon Al-Nosairy

Project Update 21.04.2020

Current activities/Accomplishments:

I am currently in the process of finalising my project, where I am preparing manuscripts for projects that used multifocal electrophysiology to investigate the diagnostic performance of electrophysiology vs other structural and vascular measures of retina in glaucoma. In my projects, I have been using several techniques such as non-invasive electrophysiology, telemetric IOP readout and angio-OCT.  The findings of this projects further glaucoma diagnostics and our understanding of the underlying pathophysiology.

Future plans:

To become a principal investigator in clinical vision science PI. Next, I will pursue a postdoctoral position where I will implement my current expertise to investigate gait control mechanisms in glaucoma patients. The ultimate goal is the prevention of the incidence of falls in this vulnerable population. For this purpose, the interplay of motor-, visual, cognitive and visuo-cognitive function during gait control will be investigated and the impact of interventional instruments for fall prevention and rehabilitation will be assessed.

My EGRET+ Experience:

Being an EGRET+ ESR has been a rewarding and fruitful opportunity during which I am able to complete my PhD at the Ott-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg.  Improving my research skills in vision science and networking with other researchers across Europe was one of the key benefits. Furthermore, Grant writing and business start-up planning and other scientific workshops held during this period has helped me to develop my skills to become an independent researcher. Being an EGRET+ ESR was a turning point in my career and  made my PhD experience an exceptional and rewarding period.


Multifocal electrophysiology in glaucoma – Interocular interaction of visual field defects


Prof. Michael Hoffmann

Dr. Lars Choritz


I am Khaldoon Al-Nosairy. I am from Yemen. I have a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery (M.B.B.S). After graduation, I worked in the field of ophthalmology and during my work I realized the importance of research and its major impact on the health of subjects. Thereafter, I did my master in ophthalmology in Ain Shams University, Egypt and this was supported from DAAD. I had then the opportunity to spend a 5 month ophthalmology internship in LMU hospital, Munich which was a motivating step carry on my academic career in Germany.

My research interest is in the field of ophthalmic and neurodegenerative diseases. I started my PhD in Otto Von Guericke university, Magdeburg in Sept. 2016.

Aim of the project

While retinal factors are a decisive determinant of glaucoma, recent evidence suggests that non-retinal factors are also of importance for glaucoma-related damage. Specifically, the pattern of glaucoma-induced visual field defects indicates post-retinal influences. In the present project a multimodal electrophysiological imaging approach combined with psychophysics will be applied to uncover the interplay of retinal and post-retinal damage mechanisms in glaucoma. Multifocal electrophysiology will be used for simultaneous recordings from human retina and visual cortex to obtain objective visual field maps. Analysis tools will be developed to dissect the interactions of different damage sites.