Sang Yi Go

Motion sensitivity in glaucoma


Prof. Dr. F.W.Cornelissen (

Dr. Remco Renken

Background & Interests
My name is Go, Sang-Yee. I studied psychology(B.A) in Korea. To gain more understanding mechanism behind human behaviour&mind I studied neuroscience that covered from molecular aspect of neuronal phenomena to human and animal behaviour with emphasis on clinical and experimental practice. However, I anchored my expertise in brain imaging, thus my master thesis investigated Macular degeneration using fMRI and DTI.
Science, contribution on society are big themes of my life. Up to now, I’ve been working on age-related brain change, neuro-degeneration, retinal disease in visual neuroscience labs. I started my PhD in November 2017 in visual neuroscience lab, university medical centre Groningen. I wish that my PhD study can contribute to improve life quality to glaucoma patient.

Aim of the project
My project aim to investigate Motion perception in Glaucoma. Before any functional change is detected using conventional perimetry, relevant eye tissue may be found deteriorated. It implies other visual function, which conventional perimetry do not measure, can be a key for early detection of glaucoma. Motion perception can be on e of the candidates since it has been found significant reduced in glaucoma patient as well as glaucoma suspected. Encouraged by recent notion that glaucoma is not just eye disease but neurodegenerative disease, fMRI as well as structural MRI (VBM, DTI) will be applied. It is wish for this study to contribute to better understanding of glaucoma pathology to further level as well as to clinical application such as finding novel biomarker, developing new diagnostic tool and also rehabilitation.

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